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Choose games & activities to play during your reception.

Tables will compete against one another to become your Wedding War Game Champion!


Each table gets 2 rolls of toilet paper to create the masterpiece dress of their dreams! Use any personal artifacts or items at your table to complete your creation. Once the time is up all contestants will line up for their fashion show reveal! The bride will pick out her favorite design and award the table points!


Each table will have a giant inflatable ring. One table member will stand several feet into the dancefloor. Another member at the table will have to try and toss the giant ring to get it around the person standing on the dance floor. If you miss, go run and pick up the ring and come back to the table to try again! Everyone at the table must toss and stand at the dance floor at least once. The table to successfully "Put a Ring On It" 12 times, wins! 


Our take on Jenga® brought to the next level. Tables will get a set of our custom made wooden blocks and have 15 minutes to build the tallest tower. There are no rules on how you use your blocks! If your tower falls, don't worry, you can rebuild it! If you think your tower is as tall as it will get, you can stop... but it has to remain standing until the time ends. Once the 15 minutes are up, the MC will measure each tower to see who is the tallest! The tallest three towers get table points (15, 10 & 5).


Each table receives a package of 12 balloons. Each person will have to blow up, tie off and try to pop the balloon. The first table to pop all the balloons wins 15 points. But the most important rule is that you cannot use any objects to pop the balloons! That means no utensils, no chairs, no tables, no centerpieces, only each other! And we don’t want to see anyone trying to pop it with their hands either, anyone who uses objects or their hands will get balloons added to their table!